1200 Live TV Channels plus 3000 Movies on Demand!

You decide how and where you watch!

TV Box, Android Tablet or Android Phone

We supply fully setup and configured IPTV boxes ready to plug in to one of your TV’s HDMI ports or, if you would prefer to watch on your own Android phone or tablet, just the installation of an app on your device does the trick.

Our IPTV boxes are Android based which means that we supply them ready-to-go with great apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video, Google Chrome Browser and others pre-installed!

Don’t think of the box just as an IPTV device – think of it as a full blown entertainment console for all family members to enjoy!  Coupled with a mini full QWERTY keyboard (available as an option) you’ll find browsing the Internet on your big screen so easy from your favourite armchair.

Are you watching TV via Satellite, or Cable? How would you like a cost effective alternative available from under £3.00 a week? (That’s less than the price of a cup of coffee!) We offer a service that can be used anywhere worldwide that has an Internet connection.

Or perhaps you already watch TV over the Internet via a free service but are frustrated with channels/streams not working, buffering, channels in low SD quality or a system that is complicated to use?

Provided that you have a reliable Internet download speed of at least 6mb/s this new type of IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) service could be perfect for you.

All the top worldwide TV channels are available – including movies, drama, documentaries, sport, and news in HD (High Definition). Take a look at the channels on offer and for sure there will be something for you. If you prefer to watch Videos on Demand, the service offers over 3000 movies and serials to keep you occupied.

The service is available as a per month or per year subscription.